In motorsport circles in South Africa, Stuart White has been called the Bloemfontein Bullet, White Lightning, even Baby Vettel or Stuwie. White is a 17 year old teenager from Bloemfontein who has been taken on by Sauber Motorsport earlier this year where so many great drivers like Kimi Raikkonen and Charles Leclerc started their Formula One careers. Like many other Formula One legends, Lewis Hamilton comes to mind, Stuart started his career in go-karts. He is currently competing in the French Formula 4 Championships under the Sauber banner where we caught up with him.

White is careful when asked what his dream driving team would be, saying that being part of the Sauber team and have the opportunity to progress in their team is a dream come true. He wants to get into Formula One racing first and is not looking at what the ultimate team would be to drive for.

White was in Grey College in Bloemfontein, but left school to pursue his career and is now home schooled. He plans to finish matric in 2019 depending on how taxing the racing season is, but if he can’t, he may postpone it to next year as it is difficult with the amount of travelling he does. While most of his friends come from the racing world, he says he does catch up with his old school friends from time to time. He does not feel he is missing out on anything by pursuing a racing career at such an early age.

written by Linda van Tilburg (

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