Tommix (Pty) Ltd

Grey College vs Paarl Boys High 2018 by Bertus Preller

Grey College rugby has been presented with a very unique opportunity to present an exciting new initiative that is known as the Tommix Rugby Programme. This programme was established in partnership with Grey College Rugby. As the official partner of Grey College Rugby, facilitated through Tommix (Pty) Ltd., it is within our ability to support the development of Grey boys into noble men and assist them in to realising their dreams through in partnering with this institution of excellence.

Tommix (Pty) Ltd. (TOMMIX) is an independent Private Company which was formed on the specific instance and request of the Grey College Governing Body. TOMMIX is tasked to manage Grey College Rugby in association with Grey College. One of the key focus areas of TOMMIX is to build relationships through establishing strategic partnerships in rugby initiatives and, more specifically, to enable Old Grey’s and all stakeholders of Grey College to become involved as contributing alumni for the brand
famously known as: “GREY RUGBY”.

The objective is to give all Grey College stakeholders and interested parties the opportunity to become part of this brand, which over the years has become famous in South Africa and abroad. The mission statement in its broad terms is designed to fine tune the GREY RUGBY CULTURE as one which encourages boys to express themselves within a team first environment, continue to emphasize the expectations and beliefs of Grey College as a way of life, drive behaviour in line with everything that Grey College represents, establish this behaviour to drive habits and for these habits in turn to shape the future of Grey College Rugby to represent the highest standard of performance known in the world.

TOMMIX appointed Bobby Joubert as the Grey College Director of Rugby (“DOR”) at the end of 2017. Bobby is an Old Grey who matriculated in 2000. He played rugby for the Grey 1st XV and played professional rugby after school. The role requires of Bobby to be actively involved at a rugby coaching level as well.

The DOR is responsible to implement structures and conceptualise, define and activate policies required to run the rugby program successfully, evaluate and improve the program continuously, and to strive to play the perfect game of rugby “The Grey Way”. The program will identify and appoint quality outside coaches to be part of the Grey College rugby family to all teams whom play rugby at all levels.

This will be key to the success of rugby at Grey. Furthermore, the program is tasked with: • securing the latest cutting edge technical rugby equipment on offer • providing additional medical services through professional medical staff and high-performance training specialists and sport scientists • developing and upgrading facilities for the conditioning of Grey boys • improving return to play protocols continuously • providing financial backing through strategic partnership initiatives • managing of certain unforeseen rugbyrelated expenses that the school must incur on behalf of the school itself and its boys • TOMMIX ultimately needs to provide boys who participate in rugby at Grey with the best possible opportunities to become the best individuals they can possibly be and teach them the value of an environment where the team comes first.

With financial support, it is possible to make this ideology a reality that grows from strength to strength with every generation. In the hope of gaining support, TOMMIX needs to accentuate that Grey College has a proud history dating back to 1855. Grey is world renowned for its sporting prowess, as well as its cultural excellence and emphasis on active group participation in social activities. Grey College endeavours to provide only the best for its pupils and other individuals directly involved with the school.

At Grey College, good is the enemy of GREAT! Nihil Stabile Quad Infidum – (Nothing is steadfast which is not true)

Contact person for Tommix Rugby (Pty) Ltd:

Bobby Joubert
Director of Rugby Grey College
082 441 1826

Lionel Walker
Director Tommix


AG Venter, MG Joubert, WFC Arndt, GP Swart, I Small-SMith, I van der Merwe, P Piek, LJ Walker, AE Drotske, R van Niekerk, R Neethling, SF Windvogel, S Steyn, U Roux.

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