Sir George Grey

Sir George Grey, founder of Grey College.

George was sent to the Royal Grammar School at Guildford in Surrey.

KCB was a British soldier, explorer, Governor of South Australia, twice Governor of New Zealand, Governor of Cape Colony, the 11th Premier of New Zealand and a writer.

George worked hard to achieve his goals and was renowned for his high standards, a survivor of neat drowning multiple shipwreck & walking 600km to Perth from Kalbari also after been speared in hip. He was always able to step up to the challenge & achieve the impossible at times, his humility while being in power made him gain lots of respect from the locals no matter which nation he governed.

Making a difference & contribution was something remarkable about his gentlemen & caring character.

He also founded Grey High School in Port Elizabeth in 1856. in 1859 he laid the foundation stone of the New Somerset Hospital, Cape Town. George also gave land for the establishment of Auckland Grammar School in Newmarket, Auckland in 1850. The school was officially recognised as an educational establishment in 1868.

Something we can learn from the life of Sir George Grey, “it does not matter how much you have conquered, if you have not left behind some kind of contribution, your life was meaningless”

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