Willem Klopper leads the First Team on the field with little Johan Stonie Steenkamp alongside him


Of the 5 records in SA School Rugby for most unbeaten games Grey College taken ownership of 4 of them, the 3rd highest unbeaten games belongs to Boishaai at Paarl.

5th Highest Unbeaten Wins in South African Schools:

2017-2020 (42 unbeaten – 14 March 2020)

4 matches in 2017 which ended with Noord-Kaap in regional Finals of Shimlas League with score of 92-7, the match was stopped. The team of 2017 was exceptional team that slipped against Boishaai, they were leading comfortably and after the yellow card against Grey there was a big collapse in the team performance. The following week they traveled to Selborne College with all the star players injured & struggled again, after Selborne and Boishaai poor performance this team got back to their top form and it was just incredible to watch them destroy their opposition Glenwood 83-10 and Grey High 73-10 which followed with victory over Paul Roos at Markotter without our SA School players. Rikus Pretorius surely a Springbok prospect for Grey.

2018 team continued on the great form of 2017 team and stretching the unbeaten victories further ending their season untouchable.

2019 First XV surely one of the strongest teams Grey has produced in its 164 year reign, this year team boasts with 5 SA Schools players & basically smashing every strong rival with half century scores. A few Springboks should emerged from this team & from look of things the exodus of the Grey boys to France could also possibly produce a few French International players from Grey soon from this team as well.

4th Highest Unbeaten Wins in South African Schools:

Grey College also has the 4th highest unbeaten runs record in SA with 48 Matches from 1969-1972.


3rd Highest Unbeaten Wins in South African Schools:

The 3rd highest unbeaten wins belong to our friends from Paarl, Paarl Boys High succeeded to win 59 consecutive wins which was ended by Grey College 34-20 in 2017, Boishaai was unbeaten since 2014. In this period we have to mention that the 59 unbeaten games wasn’t 100% unbeaten as its only against SA teams because Boishaai lost to Christchurch Boys High in New Zealand and also against Jaguares u19 team at World Schools Festival.


2nd Highest Unbeaten Wins in South African Schools:

2000-2004 (69 unbeaten)
Grey College 2000 1st XV last loss to 2004 first loss against Grey High PE, in this era GC was unbeaten 69 consecutive matches of which 81 unbeaten games includes international teams. between the two draws in this era Grey won 54 consecutive matches. 69 unbeaten games (2000 last loss to 2004 to PRG without 5 x SA Schools players), between the two draws Grey is second with 54 (57 include International teams) consecutive wins against SA teams behind 59 of Boishaai, Grey also boast with 2nd place record of 81 unbeaten SA & International teams combined.


The Highest Unbeaten Wins in South African Schools:

1985-1991 (90 unbeaten)
1985 last loss (Queens College & Maritzburg respectively) to 1991 first loss against Monnas Grey was unbeaten for 90 consecutive matches, in this era Grey drew twice in 1988 & 1990. the consecutive wins in this era was split in two draws, first batch of wins was 42 consecutive wins till 1988 draw against Paarl Gim, the second batch was 47 consecutive wins from 1998 last draw to 1990 drawn match against Grey High PE, we however have two records for longest unbeaten run SA teams 90 (1985 last loss to 1991 first loss).

Interesting story regarding the Grey PE game in 1990. One of Grey PE backline players intercepted a backline pass and Bertus Cruywagen (later played for FS) who was blessed with tons of speed turned around and caught the interceptor to save the game. Just shows you there is no substitute for speed and what I always loved about Grey rugby, there is always one or two super fast guys in the team.

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