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View the list of Grey Rugby Stats down the years from 1855 to date, since 1950 Grey worst ranking position was 7th in SA. 


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Brief History of Grey College Rugby

Dr Johannes Brill, first great rector of Grey College, recommended in 1873 that sporting equipment be purchased: “Not only will this enable the borders to occupy their free time, but will also strengthen the bonds between those who play together.”

The First recorded rugby match was played 4th of June 1881 against St Andrews School in Bloemfontein. It provided plenty of excitement. This match, like the game played in 1882, which Grey College won both by one goal to nil, was played under the so-called “Winchester”rules, in terms of which teams consisted of 15 players compartmented as ten forwards, two half-backs, two backs and a “goal”. It was at about this time that rugby, as we know it today, became popular in the Western Province.

In the decades between 1880 and 1890, this form of the game was adopted in Bloemfontein too. By 1890, “Rugby Union”(as opposed to “Winchester Rugby”), was firmly established in South Africa.

The school magazine of 1893 reports a “fairly successful”rugby season but adds that “Grey badly needs a man who understands the game thoroughly to teach us the rules and the principal points in playing.” In 1894, two such men joined the Grey College staff. They were EJ Spurway from Queenstown, and D. Pyne-Mercier, from Ireland.

By the time the Anglo-Boer-War broke out, sport was already a regular feature at Grey College. Rugby was the most popular game, with three teams playing regularly. It seems clear that sport at the turn of the century was as popular at Grey as it is today.

Grey College Rugby Stats:

One should take note that Grey College / Kollege played their first matches only against clubs, universities, army, etc. and not against schools with data I have captured until 1914, it could be much later that Grey only started playing against schools.

Grey 1st XV Rugby Stats: (updated 8 May 2021)

*Last Match: Paarl Boys High 3 vs 37 Grey College (Paarl) 

*Current Unbeaten Run: 3 Matches

*In last 227 matches Grey lost 16 ( Lost 7.5%)

*Since 1997-2021 Played 420 & Lost 28 (Lost 6% past 24 years)

*Since 1855-2021 Played 1,595 & Lost 153 (Won +91% past 164 years | -200)

Unbeaten Records:

85 Matches (1985-1991 | 5 unbeaten years)

62 Matches (2000-2004 | 3 unbeaten years)

48 Matches (1969-1972 | 2 unbeaten years)

42 Matches (2017-2020) | 3 unbeaten years

Here some more Inter-school stats at this link

Other Decade Stats:

*2020 Played 2 (Lost 0) Global Corona Covid-19 Virus Outbreak  ended the 2020 season after 2 matches. 

2020-2021 Played 4 (Lost 1)

2010-2020 Played 176 (Lost 7.9%)

2000-2009 Played 169 (Lost 5,9%)

1990-1999 Played 171 (Lost 14.6%)

1980-1989 Played 140 (Lost 4,2%)

1970-1979 Played 166 (Lost 5.4%)

1960-1969 Played 147  (Lost -21 = 14.3% | 1967 only 5 matches recorded)

Springboks: 45

SA Schools: 103

SA Schools Rugby & Cricket: 5

International Rugby Players Abroad: 13

Springbok Sevens: 17

Other International Sevens: 1

Junior Springboks: 40

Played both SA Schools & Springboks: 21

Springbok Captains: 3

All data below I have collected through the years, this is the only correct historic overview of Grey College/Kollege Bloemfontein.

Stats Copyright© Nelio de Sa ( – –


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