Historic Overview Grey vs Paul Roos Gymnasium since 1967


Grey College3228Win
Paul Roos Gymnasium2226Loss

Grey vs Paul Roos Historic Results 1967-2022:

Below the historic overview, statistics and results of all the Grey College vs Paul Roos Gymnasium matches played to date.

Played 38 | Won 29 | Drew 0 | Lost 9
Total Points: Grey College 961 – Paul Roos 651
Average Score: Grey College 28 – Paul Roos 20
38. 2023 Grey College 28 (20) vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 20 (11) home
37. 2022 Grey College 19 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 34 away
36. 2019 Grey College 51 (22) vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 28 (21) away
35. 2018 Grey College 28 (11) vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 26 (12) home
34. 2017 Grey College 30 (27) vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 28 (17) away
33. 2016 Grey College 34 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 32
32. 2015 Grey College 12 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 19*
31. 2014 Grey College 25 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 20
30. 2013 Grey College 40 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 8
29. 2012 Grey College 33 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 23
28. 2011 Grey College 36 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 35
27. 2010 Grey College 41 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 29
26. 2009 Grey College 3 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 9*
25. 2008 Grey College 47 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 15
24. 2007 Grey College 40 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 14
23. 2006 Grey College 11 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 16*
22. 2005 Grey College 16 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 11
21. 2004 Grey College 24 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 23
20. 2004 Grey College 18 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 21*
19. 2003 Grey College 18 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 17
18. 2002 Grey College 19 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 8
17. 2001 Grey College 15 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 6
16. 2000 Grey College 42 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 13
15. 1999 Grey College 29 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 26
14. 1998 Grey College 23 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 15
13. 1997 Grey College 8 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 12*
12. 1996 Grey College 18 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 10
11. 1995 Grey College 21 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 10
10. 1994 Grey College 29 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 31*
9. 1993 Grey College 8 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 28*
8. 1992 Grey College 20 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 6
7. 1991 Grey College 3 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 20*
6. 1990 Grey College 17 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 9
5. 1989 Grey College 28 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 7
4. 1988 Grey College 16 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 9
3. 1977 Grey College 20 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 10
2. 1974 Grey College 24 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 0
1. 1967 Grey College 22 vs Paul Roos Gymnasium 3

Paul Roos vs Grey College

Historical Overview

The Rugby Teams of Grey College and Paul Roos first played against each other in 1967. The annual derbies started in 1988 and in 1992 the entire schools started participating in the Interschools.

There is a very special connection and bond between Grey and Paul Roos:
  • Both schools are amongst the oldest in SA with legendary founders
  • Both schools have produced more Springboks than any other school in SA –

Springboks: Paul Roos (50) vs Grey (45)

Paul Roos Gymnasium was formerly known as Stellenbosch Boys High and later changed to Victoria College (named after Queen Victoria), only in 1940 the school name, emblem and school song changed to Paul Roos Gymnasium, in this period they produced 34 of the Springboks prior to 1940, since school was adopted to Paul Roos 1940-2019 they only produced 16 Springboks, this makes Grey College 45 Boks unique as they the only school with same name since inception that have produced so many Springboks.

Paul Roos also claims the likes of Ballie Wahl (Paarl Gimnasium). Theunis Kruger (Paarl Boys High, Jackie Tindell (Rondebosch) & Cabous van der Westhuizen (Jan van Riebeeck High) which did not complete their schooling at Paul Roos, Grey has also produced Boks for example like BJ Botha that was in Grey but matriculated at Durban High School, hence Grey doesnt record it, also Old Boys like Allan Donald (Proteas Cricket), Ockert Brits (International Paul Vault Star) which schooled at Grey for 10 years but completed their last 2 school years at HTS Louis Botha. So we follow the policy of one school only may claim and the school where such person matriculated (not post-matric) is the school that gets the final credit.

SA Schools: Grey College (103) vs Paul Roos (29) – only Western Province & Blue Bulls u18 Craven Week team has produced more SA Schools players than Grey.

  • Both schools have strong traditions and very strong old Boy networks
  • Many legendary old Grey Springboks (and many other old Greys) that now live in the Cape are sending their sons to Paul Roos, such as Theuns Stofberg (old Grey Springbok), Robbie Blair (old Grey Springbok), Frikkie Naude (WP), Chris Smith (WP) and many more

See below Interschools highlights down the years of these two great schools:


Grey and Paul Roos first met in 1967 at the old Coetzenberg stadium when Grey went on tour to the Cape during the July holidays.

The legendary ’67 Grey College First Team has been regarded by many as one of the greatest Grey First Teams of its era. The team was gifted with outstanding athletes such as the two prop forwards and the two flank forwards (twins Danie and Dennis du Plessis) that formed the Grey Relay team which won the 4×100 m Relay at Free State Inter-high athletics that year.

Dawie Snyman (Springbok) was flyhalf and vice-captain and Wilhelm Landman (Grey School Captain that played Western Province) was Grey’s fullback that year. Grey’s back-line was on fire that day with Nelson Babrow at center (WP) and two speedy wings. Grey won this historic encounter 22-0 and one of the highlights was a try scored by the referee – Oom Johnnie Meiring from the Matie Club! One of Grey’s centers went through a gap and with only the Paul Roos fullback in front of him he passed inside.

The man on his inside was Oom Johnnie who caught the ball and then raced towards the tryline to score right under the posts! Only to blow his whistle and to call back play for a scrum where he caught the ball. This was exemplerary of the spirit in which this game was played.

Although both teams had tremendous respect for each other and were pretty serious on the field with such a big encounter there was still a mutual respect and camaraderie from both sides.

This cameraderie resulted in numerous friendships that were forged off the field in subsequent years. In the Paul Roos 1967 team was Johan Carinus (who now farms outside Stellenbosch) and among their matrics of that year was business tycoon Johann Rupert and Braam van Velde (who also farms outside Stellenbosch these days).

All three Paul Roos old boys became very good friends with the Grey fullback, Wilhelm Landman, and later in life Rupert played a big role in Landman’s career when Landman became the MD of Richmont South Africa.

Dawie Snyman (who later became Springbok) was also the assistant coach of the Paul Roos First Rugby Team. All these seeds were already planted during the first Grey vs Paul Roos match in 1967 in Stellenbosch.


Paul Roos went on tour to the Free State and their first game was against Sentraal  where  Paul  Roos  lock-forward George Rautenbach’s ear was stepped on by a Tralie player and resulted in George missing the Grey game with a hole in his ear.
The Paul Roos team had 3 Western Province Craven Week players – George Rautenbach, Agie Koch and Jan (Gans) Coetzee. Agie was then chosen as captain against Grey.
The majority of the Grey team played for Free State Schools that year and Jan Geldenhuys and Gerhard Weitz were selected for SA Schools. Grey had a strong pack of forwards but was equally matched by Paul Roos with their stalwart WP Craven Week lock Jan (Gans) Coetzee.
Grey won 22-3 and ten days later 14 of the Grey team was selected for Free State Craven Week which lost against WP. Several of the Paul Roos players played for WP Craven Week and this time George was fit to play with special protection that was made for his ear. George played for the SA Schools team that toured overseas later that year along with Jan Geldenhuys from Grey.
Both Jan and George became team mates again in subsequent years at Maties in Stellenbosch.

George Rautenbach also founded MEGAPRO in 1986 – South Africa’s first Sports Marketing agency. Today George is not only the face of MEGAPRO but arguably the face of Sports Marketing in South Africa.


Grey played Paul Roos on tour in the Cape after the Craven Week. The match was remembered as a mud bath and given all the rain leading up to the match the venue was switched to Coetzenberg B field. Despite the heavy field Grey scored four tries and beat Paul Roos 20-10. This Grey First Team had four SA Schools players – Jan Richter, Jacques Nell, Abrie Marais, and Willem Daffue.

SA Schools Grey  also  produced  a record four  old  Boys  (Morne  du  Plessis  (captain),  Dawie Snyman (vice-captain), Theuns Stofberg and Robbie Blair) in the starting Springbok team against the World XV of Willie-John McBride during the inauguration of the new Loftus Versfeld.

Two of these Grey old boys’ sons went to school at Paul Roos (Robbie Blair and Theuns Stofberg) while Dawie Snyman is assistant coach at Paul Roos today.


In 1988 Grey played Paul Roos the first time again since 1977 during a pre- season tour to the Cape. It was their second game of the season on 30 March 1988 at Markotter in Stellenbosch. There was a large crowd and the legendary Doc Craven also attended the game.

The 1988 Grey First Team had five Springboks – Charl Marais, Ruben Kruger, Pieter Muller, Naka Drotske and Heinrich Fuls. Andre Blom went on to play for the US Eagles. The entire Grey First XV was chosen for the starting line up of the Free State Cravenweek that year.

Also in the Grey team was Jannie Momberg who attended Paul Roos until std.8 before he finished off his school career at Grey following in the footsteps of his brothers – Niels and Steyn while his younger brother Altus also attend Grey all the way from Stellenbosch.

As a result, this was a unique experience for Jannie who was probably the only person at the game that knew all 30 players (many of his primary school friends also played for Paul Roos). Even the referee Johan Carinus (who played for Paul Roos against Grey in 1967) was an old friend of Jannie’s family.

Although Grey had several future Springboks in their team, they were still finding their feet and hadn’t “clicked” as a unit yet in the early season. Nevertheless, Charl Marais scored Grey’s first try in the corner after a grubber from Naka Drotske.

The game was fairly close and Grey won the game in the final minutes with a disputed try by Pieter Muller. To most observers he knocked the ball on, however the referee allowed the try and Grey won 16-9.


In 1989 it was Paul Roos touring up north during pre-season and played Grey at Shimlapark in Bloemfontein. Grey had two SA Schools players (Naka Drotske and Mark McIntyre) and beat Paul Roos 28-7. naka grey


Grey and Paul Roos were invited to play in the main match of the Van Rensburg Rugby Day in George at the conclusion of the schoolboy rugby season.

This memorable festival originated from the Van Rensburg brothers in George who was passionate about schoolboy rugby and wanted to see SA’s top rugby schools compete against each other, especially those who does not get the opportunity to compete on a regular basis.

They were visionaries in the early nineties to host such a festival which was the front runner of many other festivals to follow many years later. The difference with the Van Rensburg Rugby Day and many other Easter Festivals is that the Rugby Day was hosted at the end of the schoolboy rugby season and comprise of one full day of rugby (vs multiple days) and included SA’s top schools as performed throughout the year.

It also included many other festivities around George throughout the weekend and thousands of spectators, fans and old boys from across the country attended this unique event which was only in existence from 1990 – 1991.

The build up to the 1990 Final match between Grey and Paul Roos was televised on TopSport TV and legendary rugby critic Zanderg Jansen was doing most of the pre- match build up. He was also the host at the event and was the judge in selecting the best team, forwards and backline of the festival, and man of the match awards from all the top rugby schools participating including Bishops, Paarl Gim, Paarl Boys’ High, Affies etc.

The following year Johan Small-Smith (Grey old boy) was passionately involved in the Festival and was also supporting Zandberg Jansen during the announcements on the best teams of the Festival.

Both Grey and Paul Roos was unbeaten leading up to this match and Grey had 5 SA Schools players in their side that year (Pieta Steenkamp, Alex Fenwick, Nico Linde, Jean Craven, and Andre Venter). The 1990 Paul Roos side was the first unbeaten Paul Roos side in 37 years and had two future Springboks – Justin Swart and Cobus Visagie.

It was a tightly contested match with Paul Roos’ forwards gaining the upperhand at scrums while Grey’s backline was firing on all cylinders. Grey’s scrumhalf and future Springbok, Werner Swanepoel, broke blindside from a scrum to score the winning try for Grey with a final score of 17-9.


The Paul Roos First Team of 1991 will go down as one of the best teams the school has ever produced. On 10 August 1991 as part of Paul Roos’ 125 Year Festivities the Grey First Team and Cherries was invited to play against Paul Roos at Markotter. Paul Benade (old Grey) was instrumental to help finance the transportation of the buses and other logistics for the Grey teams.
The Paul Roos First Team of 1991 had the chance to become the first undefeated Paul Roos team in 38 years and after the narrow defeat against Grey the prior year, this  was  always  going  to  be  the pinnacle  of  all  schoolboy matches in  1991.
In addition, Grey had 5 SA Schools players (Andre Venter, Alex Fenwick, Werner Swanepoel, Ollie le Roux and Hugo Venter) including 2 future Springboks – Ollie and Werner. Paul Roos had 2 future Springboks (Justin Swart and Cobus Visagie) in their side which set the table for a massive showdown.
Below Match Report from Cape newspapers:
Paul Roos outclass highly rated Grey College Paul Roos Gymnasium (12) 20 Grey College (0) 3   “The Paul Roos Gymnasium u/19A side produced arguably its best performance of the 1991 rugby season to whip Bloemfontein’s Grey College 20-3 at Stellenbosch’s Markotter Stadium on Saturday.
It was widely believed that highly rated Grey, fielding 11 Free State Craven Week players, could end Paul Roos’s unbeaten run, but eventually they were outclassed by committed and confident opposition.
The scoreline did not fatter the home team in the least. Initially it seemed as though the stiff breeze would play a significant role in the match, particularly when Justin Swart landed three penalty kicks within the first eight minutes by judging the wind from behind to a nicety.
But the wind did not prove much use to the hard-pressed visitors in the second half as Paul Roos simply got stronger and stronger to confirm their superiority in all departments, scoring two tries to nil to put the issue beyond any doubt.
For the first time this season, the Stellenbosch school’s backs looked the part while facing tough opposition, particularly during the second half when they ran the ball confidently and judiciously.
Although both Paul Roos tries were scored by forwards, the backs set it up through their quality of play. Grey were, to say the least, a major disappointment. Only right at the end, when 3-20 down, were they able to mount an attack which seemed likely to produce a try, and even then they were denied that consolation.
Their forwards found the going to tough, to last the pace, while their backs over- elaboration on the attack saw movements come to naught against resolute defense.
Grey’s frustration at having to play under sustained fierce pressure was probably the main reason for the South African Schools centre, Andre Venter, becoming involved in a scuffle with Bles Kemp, the Paul Roos no.8, shortly before the final whistle.
That incident, which ended only after the intervention of people on the sideline, raised questions about the appointment of Dougie Holwill as referee for a match of such magnitude.
Although it was a clear case of foul play, Mr. Holwill did not immediately try to establish from the touch-judge closest to the incident what had happened, and did not speak to or warn the players involved either.

The referee’s inconsistency at the line-outs must have left the players wondering what to expect next. Premature support of the jumper either legal or illegal, and should be treated the same from start to finish. When two of the best sides in the country (at any particular level) meet, a top-class referee must be in charge. Sadly this was not the case in Stellenbosch on Saturday.”

Paul Roos 1991 on TV – YouTube link below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFd5w3EKCjs


After the 20-3 defeat the prior year, Grey was ready to turn the tables in Bloemfontein and won 20-6. This was also the first full Interschools between the schools where all other sports and teams were participating for the first time.


The first ever Paul Roos tour to Stellenbosch took place in 1993, the team of 1993 suffered two losses prior to Paul Roos against Monument and Dale College respectively, Grey also suffered their biggest loss to date against Paul Roos 28-8 on this tour.


The 1994 season was one of Grey hardest years to date, Grey lost 7 games that year the most ever by any team, but one has to also take note that they played so much tuffer opponents as well as a grueling New Zealand tour against their best, Paul Roos also succeeded in beating Grey in a nail biter for 1st time in their history on Grey main field 31-29.


After 3 dismal years for Grey rugby according to their own high standards, the 1995 Grey First Team turned around 3 years of mixed successes and became undefeated again. This was also the first time that Grey would beat Paul Roos in Stellenbosch since 1988. The final score was 21-10


After losing to Paul Roos in Stellenbosch the prior year 12-8, this was a hard contested match in Bloemfontein. Rudolph Froneman scored Grey’s winning try and the final score was 23-15 to the home team. CJ van der Linde (Springbok) played for Grey that day. cj van der linde


Both teams were unbeaten going into the final game of the season. Paul Roos had won all 20 matches and Grey all 15 this season and between them they had played the elite rugby schools of South Africa.

Both defeated Affies and Paarl Boys High while PRG also beat Paarl Gym and Bishops. This was the showdown for the best Rugby School in SA in 1999 at the end of the season.

Both sides chose attack above defence and there were some thrilling tries, notably when Grey fullback Dandre Gerber scored in the corner after a muscular break by impressive flanker Handrew Haupt.

That try put Grey ahead 26-21 after Paul Roos had seemingly taken control soon after halftime when, with the wind at their backs, they led 21-14. With a minute of regular time left the score was 26-26. A penalty in front of the posts enabled Grey to win 29-26.

Scorers Paul Roos – Tries: Flank Braam Immelman (2), wings James Voortman and George Hauptfleish. Dropgoals: Flyhalf PJ Bergh (2) Grey College – Tries: Fullback Dandre Gerber (2), wing Riaan Harmse (2). Conversions: Lock Liam Combrink (3). Penalty: Centre Barry Goodes (1) Springboks Wian du Preez (Grey) and Schalk Brits (Paul Roos) played that day.

Schalk Brits PRG Springbok playing against Grey in 1999

Grey vs Paul Roos 1999 – Schalk Brits (Springbok/PRG)

wian du preez


Another close encounter in Stellenbosh which Grey won 15-6. Springboks Bismarck du Plessis (Grey) and Andries Bekker (Paul Roos) played that day. andries bekker


Grey had several future Springboks and provincial rugby players in their team including Ruan Pienaar, Bismark du Plessis (both Springboks), and Andries Strauss (Sharks). Schalk Ferreira played for SA Schools from Paul Roos.

2003 – Grey won in Stellenbosch and produced 5 SA Schools players – Flip vd Merwe, Richardt Strauss, Adriaan Strauss, Steph Robberts, and Alwyn Hollenbach.

Jodie Rose was chosen for the SA Schools from Paul Roos. Jaundre Kruger, who later became Paul Roos’ 50th Springbok played that day when Grey won a nailbiter 18-17 at Markotter.

2004 – In 2004 both Grey and Paul Roos missed some key players towards the end of the season during their Interschools match in Bloemfontein.

Grey lost their SA Schools players and the back row included Heinrich Brussow (Springbok), Deon Stegmann (Springbok) en Richardt Strauss (Cheetahs & Ireland). Pieter Myburgh played SA Schools for Paul Roos that year. This was another closely contested game and Paul Roos’ first victory over Grey in Bloemfontein by 21-18.

2006 – Leading into the final Grey derby of the season Paul Roos was the top rugby school in SA and had a magnificent season in 2006. It was a memorable game for Rector Jock de Jager attending his final Interschools as Paul Roos headmaster from 1993 – March 2007.

Paul Roos had one of their best teams in years and was the top Rugby School in SA in 2006. Many experts compared this team with the likes of 1991 and 1999 PRG teams.

Four backline players from the 2006 Paul Roos team were selected for the final trial for the SA u/20 team – scrumhalf Francois Hougaard, flyhalf Coenie van Wyk and centers Charl Weideman and Stephan Dippenaar. However, neither Hougaard nor Dippenaar made the Craven Week.

In another close encounter, Paul Roos beat Grey 16-11 which resulted in two consecutive Interschools victories for the first time for Paul Roos in Bloemfontein. Springbok Frans Steyn played for Grey in 2006.

Paul Roos 2006 YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a6EazHV970

2007 – The class of 2007 produced a remarkable Grey First Team which beat Paul Roos with a record score of in Stellenbosch. The Ebersohn twins Robert (Springbok squad) and Sias (Cheetahs) plus Coenie Oosthuizen (Springbok) played for Grey that day.

Grey College defeated Paul Roos with a record score of 40-14 at Markotter-stadium. The visiting team led Paul Roos 17-9 at the break.

Both locks of Grey College, Pieter Labuschagne and Joubert Horn, played well in Grey’s victory. Boom Prinsloo, Roelf Pienaar (both flanks) and Adriaan Theisinger (eightman) also had great performances on the day.

Grey’s SA Schools centre, Robert Ebersohn, showed once again why he was so highly rated in school’s rugby. Under Ebersohn’s captaincy Grey won all 14 their matches this season.

Springbok Willie le Roux played fly-half for Paul Roos and kicked three penalties in the first half to keep his team in contention until the break.

This Grey Team had the highest average score for any Grey First Team over the last 40 years with an average of 55 points per game.

One month earlier the Free State Craven Week team with 15 Grey College boys also put 50 points on WP in the Final of the Craven Week at the same Markotter stadium beating WP in the unofficial Final 52-3.

2008 – Building on the previous record score at Markotter, the 2008 Grey First Team beat Paul Roos with a record score in Bloemfontein by 47-15. Grey had two SA School players (Francois Venter and Franna du Toit) that year while scrumhalf Cobus Reinach – son of double Springbok Jaco Reinach (Grey 1980) and nephew of another legendary old Grey Herman Reinach (1988) later became the regular no.9 for the Sharks.  Both Reinach and Venter became Springboks later in their careers.

2009 – The 2009 Grey First Team equaled the most amount of SA Schools players produced  by  one  school  in  the  starting  line-up,  namely  six  –  Pieter  Rademan (captain), Riaan Britz, Piet Lindeque, Jean Cook, Carl Wegner and Stephanus Kotze.

The previous record was also held by Grey in 1981. JP du Plessis played SA Schools for Paul Roos in 2009. Paarl Boys High broke the record in 2016 when they produced 8 SA Schools players.

Both Grey and Paul Roos played without their SA Schools players during the last match of the season. Hero of the day was fly-half Lucas Roothman, who landed the three decisive penalties, while Grey full-back Niel Marais could only manage one. This ended a winning streak for Grey since 2007.

  2009 Jolla Bolla – YouTube link

2010 – The 2010 Grey College First Team is regarded as one of the best Grey Teams in modern times. Grey produced six SA Schools players that year – William Small-Smith (captain), Anrich Bitzi, Kevin Luiters, Paul Jordaan, Johan Goosen, and Neethling Fouche. Grey beat all of South Africa’s top rugby schools including Paarl Gym, Paarl Boys’ High, Monnas, Affies, Grey High, Glenwood as away games which is a remarkable performance.

Paul Roos also had a very successful season with three SA Schools players (Steven Kitshoff, JP Lewis and Tshotso Mbovane) so the table was set for a climax in Bloem. With tighthead prop Steven Kitshoff Paul Roos had a very strong scrum but was also penalized several times.

Johan Goosen scored 36 points (including one try) on the day when Grey won a nail biter 41-29.

Johan Goosen scoring 36 points against Paul Roos – See YouTube link below:

See YouTube link below:

Grey vs Paul Roos 2010 – War Cry YouTube link below:

2011 – In 2011 Grey played Paul Roos at the Danie Craven Stadium due to construction at the Markotter Field. Paul Roos was leading with only a few minutes left when Grey scored and won the match in the final minutes 36-35. JP Lewis was Paul Roos’ SA Schools Player while Grey had three SA Schools representatives – Jan Serfontein, Dries Swanepoel and Neethling Fouche.

Grey / Paul Roos Interschools weekend 2011 – YouTube link 

2012 – Leading into the final game of the season Grey had a below average season according to their own high standards while Paul Roos had a strong team with one SA Schools player – Chad Solomon. The game was pretty even through half way of the second half when Grey took control and won by 33-23

Grey & Paul Roos old boys part of the victorious SA U20 Junior World Cup team in 2012:

2013 Grey College 2013 Season Played 19 Won 17, Lost 2 & Paul Roos 2013 Season Played 17, Won 6 , Lost 9, Draw 2

Preview 2013 They may not have the fearsome forwards of a few seasons ago, but the 2013 Grey pack is good enough to hold their own against any opposition. Leading the charge is captain and flanker Marius Louw, a hard, uncompromising player.

Louw leads from the front and his bullocking runs have graced many a rugby field this season. His surprise turn of speed have fooled many an opponent this season and this lead to him being one of the top try scorers for the Bloemfontein Boys. Grey will be missing their mercurial fullback EW Viljoen and front rower Ruan Kramer due to SA Schools duty.

The 2013 season is one that Paul Roos will rather forget as soon as possible. Some pre- season form that showed some promise quickly faded into one of the worst seasons in the proud schools rugby history.

They were beset with injuries and their star midfielder and SA Schools player Daniel du Plessis could only play a handful of games the whole season. Circumstances were always against them and such was their plight that they could only field their  first  full  strength  team  at  the  end  of  July  against  Paarl  Boys’  High.  Paul  Roos demonstrated their strength if they fire on all cylinders by losing only with a point against a very good Boishaai outfit.

  This Saturday the form book will be thrown out of the window as the Stellenbosch outfit will try and salvage their season with a win against the old foe. The Paul Roos boys have a lot of pride and a win against Grey will just show what they are really capable of. Grey will not be a pushover as their late seasons results have shown. They are coming down to the wine lands and facing a team with its back against the wall and nowhere to go.

2014 – Grey was back on top of the school’s rankings in 2014 and their final match against No 2 ranked Paul Roos was the decider for the season. The star of the match was again Henry Immelman as he scored both of Grey’s tries and kicked two penalty goals from inside his own half. He missed his first kick – from just outside of his own 22. But then Grey were playing with the wind in the first half. Grey scored two tries to one but Aidynn Cupido, son of WP legend Wilfred, kicked 15 points for Paul Roos on the day.

Paul Roos had 2 representitaves in the WP Cravenweek team and 4 in the WP Academy team.
Cravenweek Players: Daniel Du Plessis (Centre), Herchelle Jantjies (Scrumhalf)
Academy Week Players Jacques van Zyl (Hooker), Mitch Lingeveldt (Lock), Aidan Cupido (Flyhalf), Edwill van der Merwe (Wing) Daniel Du Plessis was aslo picked for the 2013 SA Schools team.

2015 – In their last rugby match of their 150th year celebrations Paul Roos pulled out all the stops and secured a rare win over Grey College. This was the one that counted for the boys in Maroon. To win your last big derby match against the old foe surpasses any odd loss they might have suffered during the season. Paul Roos’s defence won them the day and although they scored three good tries of their own, their defensive effort in the second half, when they virtually had no ball, made sure they claimed the honours by winning 19-12.  The stars of the show were Paul Roos’s SA Schools flyhalf Damian Willemse along with winger Nico Leonard who both contributed with tries and was outstanding in attack and defence.

2016 – Grey snatches victory in dying seconds in one of the best come backs in School Rugby History by Grey winning match with 3 minutes left Paul Roos was leading 32-22 where Grey manages to score 2 converted tries to win this derby 34-32

2017 – Paul Roos started their season with a good win over a strong HTS Drostdy side at their own rugby day in March and then moved on to St Johns where they won all three their games, coming back strongly against Helpmekaar after being down 22 to nil at one stage. They narrowly lost in the last seconds of their match against Paarl Gimnasium and then beat Affies in probably their best match of the season so far.They then lost two games in a row against Waterkloof and Grey High before coming back and beating an in-form SACS side that in turn have beaten both Paarl Gym and Boland Landbou. Against Paarl Boys they were starved of possession and could only manage three penalties without scoring a try and could not get their dangerous back three into the game.

Their next four matches got their season back on track again and a good win against a very tough Oakdale side showed what this team is capable of.  They are not as consistent as they would like to be but on any given day when they click, they can beat the best teams out there.

Paul Roos had five of their players representing WP at the annual Craven Week in props Tristan Leitch and Alex Mbete, flanker Philip van Dyk, scrumhalf Gerado Jaars and centre Rufus Dercksen.

Grey College started the season like a house on fire and swept all and sundry away. They looked unstoppable throughout the season until the first dent showed against Affies when they just managed to scrape home against a team that kept coming back at them. A week later the tough game against Affies took its toll when they were blitzed by Paarl Boys’ High in the second half and although they fought back bravely, they could not overcome the deficit going down 31-46 to the No 1 team in SA.

Selborne College took this opportunity to further rub salt in the wounds when they beat Grey in East-London just a week later by one point. Most of the Grey team represented Free State at the annual Craven Week and it seems they got their mojo back during this tournament when they went unbeaten in three matches, keeping their best for last and beating a good WP side with ease. Some revenge for the loss against Paarl Boys some would say!

Grey once again possesses a backline of sublime speed and skill with the Kriel brothers being instrumental in most of the moves. Fullback David and younger brother Richard who can play wing or centre, is usually in the thick of things when the ball is on the move. Flyhalf Christopher Schreuder is a well-rounded pivot with great hands, vision and an educated boot that can dictate any situation on the day.

On his outside at No 12 is a 2017 SA Schools centre Rikus Pretorius. This hard running big centre keeps opposition defence channels very busy and creates space for his teammates to run into. At outside centre they have Janco van Heyningen who represented the SA Academy side last year. This quick footed player can dance through any opposition defence at the slightest chance and should be watched very carefully.

On the other wing, they have Henk Cilliers who swopped positions with Van Heynigen during Craven Week and was a revelation at outside centre. At the base of the scrum they have youngster Ross Braude who has a quick crisp pass and feeds his backline good ball, while always keeping an eye open for the opportunity to slip around the blind side. The captain Marcel Theunissen is a hard working No 7 flanker who leads from the front and set the example for the rest of his forwards while hooker Ruhan Greyling is another Bismark du Plessis in the making.

Unfortunately, Schreuder, Pretorius and Greyling will not be available for Grey College against Paul Roos as all three were picked for the SA Schools team and will be playing against England, Wales and France during this period. It should not disrupt the Grey College team too much as their depth is legendary and usually the replacement players are of the same calibre who will slot in seamlessly.

Grey College managed to hang-on for a narrow 30-28 victory over Paul Roos Gimnasium in their annual Premier Interschools Saturday at the Markotter Stadium in Stellenbosch.

The visitors from Bloemfontein had to defend the narrow two-point lead with only 14 men on the pitch during the last seven minutes of the clash after their fullback, David Kriel, was sinbinned for a spear tackle. The 14-men of Grey College showed a lot of guts to keep Paul Roos from snatching victory from them.

Paul Roos had a dream start to the Premier Interschool with hooker, JJ Kotzé, and flyhalf, Juan Mostert, scoring tries in the first five minutes of the match both of which was converted by fullback, Colia Louis, to give their side a 14-0 lead.

Grey College opened their account in the tenth minute thanks to a penalty goal by flyhalf, Zander du Plessis. A few minutes later Du Plessis doubled his team’s score with another penalty.

Prop Naudé Naudé crashed over for the visitors’ first try which was also converted by Du Plessis. Grey increased the tempo of the match to take control. Paul Roos’ lead was down to a single point at 14-13 at this stage.

Louis, who had his kicking boots on then extended his side’s lead to 17-13 with his first of three penalty goals. He only missed one attempt at goal during the match.

Grey College took the lead for the first time in the match when winger Pienaar van Niekerk scored in the 26th minute of the match. Du Plessis was successful with the conversion to give Grey a 20-17 lead.

Grey College’s hooker, Wihan Marais, scored his side third try which was also converted by Du Plessis to give his side a 27-17 lead at the break.

Grey College’s forwards with their captain and flanker, Marcel Theunissen, leading the way defended as if their lives depended on it. Lock Johan Wilken made a try-saving tackle on Paul Roos’ winger Remy Engelbrecht late in the match.

Paul Roos’ hooker and Man-of-the-Match, JJ Kotzé, gave his side hope with his second try to bring the deficit down to only two points at 30-28. Kriel was yellow carded shortly after that, but Grey managed to pull through winning by 30-28 thanks to some gutsy defence.


Grey College 30 (27) – Tries: Naudé Naudé, Pienaar van Niekerk, Wihan Marais. Doelskoppe: Zander du Plessis (3). Penalties: Du Plessis (3).

Paul Roos Gimnasium 28 (17) – Tries: JJ Kotzé (2), Juan Mostert. Conversions: Colia Louis (2). Penalties: Louis (3).

Grey College 1st Xv beat the powerful unbeaten team of Paul Roos in what was a close encounter between South Africa’s two best teams 28-26. The derby ended in what was called #TheGreytWhitewash all Grey rugby teams beat Paul Roos. The loosehead prop Jan-Hendrik Wessels & lock George Cronje was the star players for Grey, along with Kade Wolhuter that dominated the game for Paul Roos.
The SA Schools players for Grey (3) & Paul Roos (4) didnt play as they were part of SA Schools team that beat England (u18) on the same day 42-21.

Jan-Hendrik Wessels shows everyone how much this victory meant to them


Grey College is once again on track for yet another unbeaten season and only the last Inter-schools match against Paul Roos can trip them up. They have beaten all comers with relative ease this season and the 2019 team is already spoken of as one of the all-time best this rugby factory has produced over the years. With an average match score of 54-18 against all the top schools in South Africa one can relate to the Bloemfontein uptake that this is a special team indeed. They can basically score tries from any position on the field by any player and one cant easily find any weaknesses, the group has amazing depth and even without their 5 SA Schools players (2 in SA A side), they still manage to smash very good opposition at ease.

They are somewhat victims of their own success as well in that 5 of their players and their coach is involved in the SA Schools setup that is currently playing an international series against France, Wales, Argentina and England. Prop Jan-Hendrik Wessels, 8th man George Cronje (both earmarked as future Springboks), hooker Andre-Hugo Venter (son of Springbok Andre Venter), lock Sisonke Vumazonke, fullback Sonwabo Sokoyi and coach Wessel du Plessis will all be missing out on the Stellenbosch trip and Grey will need to tap into their huge player pool to come up with replacements. This should however not hamper the Bloemfontein outfit to much as most of the replacements will have some 1st team games under their belt as Grey College uses a squad system that rotates players throughout the season.

Grey College managed to pull the game away from Paul Roos Gymnasium at Markotter with field conditions that didn’t favour Grey College fast paced game. We witness some incredible events, one where Tielman Nieuwoudt the loosehead prop sprinted from half way line to tackle the flying Paul Roos winger and from that impact the ball dropped forward on try-line which the full back Franco Knoetze then counter attacked scoring a try from his try line without a single Paul Roos player touching him. The 2019 team is said to be the best 1st XV rugby team in Grey College history and majority of public reckon perhaps the best school rugby team ever witnessed in the world.

Below one can see what this Grey team did to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc ranked teams in South Africa.

Date Opp For Against
2019/03/02 Duineveld 60 21
2019/03/09 Welkom Gim 29 0
2019/03/16 Menlopark 59 28
2019/03/19 Garsfontein 53 30
2019/03/27 Christchurch Boys High 73 26
2019/03/30 Southlands BHS (NZ) 54 0
2019/04/06 HTS Middelburg 81 8
2019/04/13 Selborne 17 8
2019/05/02 Outeniqua 64 7
2019/05/04 Paarl Gim 47 33
2019/05/11 HJS Paarl 43 24
2019/05/18 Affies 50 28
2019/07/13 Waterkloof 63 27
2019/07/20 Grey PE 58 0
2019/07/27 Glenwood 50 27
2019/08/03 Oakdale 57 26




Springboks & SA Schools players Rugby at Paul Roos The words Paul Roos and rugby are synonymous as the great man was the originator of the now famous Springbok emblem and name for the South African national team. He is seen by many as the “father” of South African rugby and it is fitting that the school that carries his name is such a powerhouse in South African schools rugby.
Paul Roos has to date produced the most South African players to represent their country on a rugby field with Juandre Kruger becoming their 50th  player when he played against England at Kingspark on June 9th 2012. Their latest Springbok is fullback Willie Le Roux who got his test cap against Italy in June 2013.
The following 50 players from Paul Roos represented Springboks:
Arthur Nicholas de Kock (1891), Jacob Stephanus (Japie) Louw (1891), James Alexander (Jim) McKendrick (1891), Robert (Bob) Shand, Paul Johannes de Waal (1896), Japie Krige (1896), Bob Loubser (1896), Pieter Albertus Ryno Otto (PO) Nel (1903), Paul Johannes Roos (1903), Koei Brink (1906), Henry John (Pinkie) Daneel (1906), Boy de Villiers (1906), Freddie Luyt (1910), Dick Luyt (1910), Koot Reynecke (1910), Gideon Daniël Roos (1910), Wakkie Krige (1912), John Douglas Luyt (1912), Tom van Vuuren (1912), Nic du Plessis (1921), Theuns Kruger (1921), Charlé Meyer (1921), Mannetjies Michau (1921), Phil Mostert (1921), Tokkie Scholtz (1921), Attie van Heerder (1921), PK Albertyn (1924), Nico Bosman (1924), Daunce Devine (1924), Kenny Starke (1924), George Murray Daneel (1928), Manus de Jongh (1928), AF du Toit (1928), PK Morkel (1928), Boet Prinsloo (1928), Ferdie Bergh (1931), George Lionell van Reenen (1937), Tjol Lategan (1949), Jannie Engelbrecht (1960), Gertjie Brynard (1965), Hempies du Toit (1980), Justin Swart (1996), Cobus Visagie (1999), Andries  Bekker  (2008),  Schalk  Brits  (2008),  Francois  Hougaard  (2009),  Juandre Kruger (2012), Willie Le Roux (2013), Steven Kitchoff (2016), Damian Willemse (2018), Hershel Jantjies (2019).
The following schooled at Paul Roos but did not matriculate at Paul Roos:
Jackie Tindall (1921) – Rondebosch, Ballie Wahl (1949) – Paarl Gim, Theunis Kruger – Paarl Boys High & Cabous van der Westhuizen (1994) – Hottentots Holland High School
Grey College Recent Springbok Accomplishments
There were five Old Grey College’s in the 1999 World Cup squad, Ollie le Roux, Naka Drotské, Ruben Kruger, Werner “Smiley” Swanepoel and Pieter Müller. In the 2007 winning World Cup team there were again five Old Grey College’s, CJ van der Linde, Jannie and Bismarck du Plessis, Ruan Pienaar and Francois Steyn.
In 2010 season Grey had eight representatives in the Springbok squad, Deon Stegmann, Adriaan Strauss, CJ van Niekerk, Jannie Du Plessis, Bismarck Du Plessis, Flip vd Merwe, Ruan Pienaar en Franscois Steyn. Grey College had six representatives in the 2011 Rugby World Cup Springbok team in  New  Zealand  –  Jannie  du  Plessis,  Bismarck  du  Plessis,  Frans  Steyn,  Ruan Pienaar, Heinrich Brussow, and CJ van der Linde.


With the current crop of excellent youngster coming through the ranks, one can be assured that Paul Roos will keep on producing rugby players that will go on to represent their country one day.
Paul Roos SA Schools Players:
  1. Brendan Venter (2018)
  2. Juan Mostert (2018)
  3. Hanru Jacobs (2018)
  4. JJ Kotze  (2018)
  5. Ben-Jason Dixon (2016)
  6. Damian Willemse (2015-16)
  7. Daniel Du Plessis (2013)
  8. Chad Solomon (2012)
  9. Jean-Paul Lewis (2010-11)
  10. Steven Kitshoff (2010) Springbok*
  11. Tshotso Mbovane (2010)
  12. JP Du Plessis (2009)
  13. Tythan Adams (2008)
  14. Alastair Siegelaar (2004)
  15. Pieter Myburgh (2004)
  16. Jody Rose (2003)
  17. Schalk Ferreira (2002)
  18. Paul Roux (2000)
  19. Schalk Brits (1999) Springbok*
  20. Stefaan Myburgh (1996)
  21. Justin Swart (1991) Springbok*
  22. Johan Engelbrecht (1986)
  23. Gielie Vermeulen (1983)
  24. Agie Koch (1974-75)
  25. George Rautenbach (1974-75)
Grey College has produced 103 SA Schools players to date, most of any school in SA.

Thank you to Nico du Plessis & Premier Interschools for the contribution to make this overview so special.

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